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Bentley Shea
Short Tight Dress - Click Here to Order - 2 Comments
Here's Bentley's first music video ever. She did it with -- we hope she doesn't do any with anyone else. This girl is fantastic, superb, spectacular. That's exactly what we told her she was too. Have you seen butts that defy gravity? The fanny on Bentley is one of those butts. It just sticks straight out! It's one of the top three most amazing butts we've had the pleasure of gazing upon.
Duration: 8 minutes (approximate).
Our goal is to produce the highest quality photos and videos that we are capable of. In our member's area videos may be seen immediately with no download and they may also be downloaded in their fullest high resolution and high definition formats. The normal price for this video is $4.95.
This "Short Tight Dress" video is approximately 8 minutes in duration. You can view and download this video as many times as you like. The video is available in h.264 format in various resolutions. What you pay is a one-time fee. This is not an automatic billing or recurring charge. You will only be billed one time for this video. Order the "Short Tight Dress" video now.
All Sets with Model
Butt Boobs Lips
with Bentley Shea
10 Minutes
 • 9.68
First Time on Video
with Bentley Shea
8 Minutes
 • 10.00
Best Butt Ever
with Bentley Shea
67 Photos
 • 9.31
Too Much to Handle
with Bentley Shea
7 Minutes
 • 9.75
Bedroom Fanny
with Bentley Shea
65 Photos
 • 9.84
Fantastic Fanny
with Bentley Shea
68 Photos
 • 9.78
Babe Extraordinaire
with Bentley Shea
59 Photos
 • 9.66
Short Tight Dress
with Bentley Shea
8 Minutes
 • 9.59
Babe Extraordinaire Scene
with Bentley Shea
7 Minutes
 • 9.90
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