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Tiffany Kay
Sexy Gorgeous - Click Here to Order - 2 Comments
We're hoping what we say is not politically incorrect; but in the world of glamour on the Internet beautiful black girls come far and few between. There just aren't many at all. Of course a girl is beautiful whether she's black, Asian, Latina, or white; so why the need to declare her ethnicity? Once again, we go back to the fact that on the Internet there just are only a very few beautiful black girls where there are lots of whites, Asians, and Latinas.
Tiffany came as a friend with Bentley Shea when Bentley did her shoot with us. One look at Tiffany was all it took for us to become completely intent on having her model for Foxes. "We really, really want you to model for us.", we said. Tiffany smiled and said she'd think about it. Over the course of that day and days afterwards Tiffany finally decided to do it. It would be her first ever nude modeling, so she had to consider all that this meant for her. Finally she said yes, and we arranged this photo shoot.
Without a doubt, 100% for certain, Tiffany is one of the most beautiful girls, black or otherwise, that we've photographed. She's got an excellent personality, is fun to work with, very responsible, and totally into learning how to please with her modeling. OK, now let's get right to our favorite part. Aside from a most beautiful face, this girl has {boldon}one awesome fanny! You know how much we true butt men love that! We're fortunate to be able to feature Tiffany on Foxes. We hope she will continue to model with us.
What you get: This photo set contains 60 photos. Photos come in two sizes: normal-large and small. Click here to view a normal-large size sample. The normal price for this photo set is $4.95. With our on-line credit card processing there is no waiting! Order "Sexy Gorgeous" now and you will see the photos within seconds!
Terms of membership: Viewing access is for personal and non-commercial use only. You may not resell any of these photos. What you pay is a one time fee. There are no monthly or recurring charges. You may view these photos from our web site as often as you wish. Come back next week, next month, next year for as long as our web site exists to view the photos. You may also download a zip file of this photo set to your computer.
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Sexy Gorgeous
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60 Photos
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