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Jayd Lovely
Babe of all Babes - Click Here to Order - 1 Comment
Overlooking Scottsdale to the South from a hill, Jayd did for us one excellent set of photos. This is her first ever Foxes photo shoot. Are we ever happy.
Jayd begins this set with an elegant evening dress -- the kind we'd love to see her wearing somewhere. From there it's slow undressing with lots of sweet teasing until she is posing naked for all of Scottsdale below to see. Well, she certainly would have seen had they been looking. We never know about that.
We're very excited about our new model, Jayd. She has all the necessary ingredients to be our best model ever. Yes, we have had one or two super favorites before, and Jayd here comes as close as anyone ever has since of being our most favorite Foxes model again. You will soon see what we mean.
What you get: This photo set contains 84 photos. Photos come in two sizes: normal-large and small. Click here to view a normal-large size sample. The normal price for this photo set is $4.95. With our on-line credit card processing there is no waiting! Order "Babe of all Babes" now and you will see the photos within seconds!
Terms of membership: Viewing access is for personal and non-commercial use only. You may not resell any of these photos. What you pay is a one time fee. There are no monthly or recurring charges. You may view these photos from our web site as often as you wish. Come back next week, next month, next year for as long as our web site exists to view the photos. You may also download a zip file of this photo set to your computer.
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All Sets with Model
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Babe of all Babes
with Jayd Lovely
84 Photos
 • 9.75
Short Skirt Bedroom
with Jayd Lovely
8 Minutes
 • 10.00
Stellar Babe
with Jayd Lovely
75 Photos
 • 9.95
Dancing in the Bedroom
with Jayd Lovely
8 Minutes
 • 9.29
Hot Hiney on Stairs
with Jayd Lovely
64 Photos
 • 9.34
Scenes in Bedroom
with Jayd Lovely
68 Photos
 • 9.74
Most Sexy Hiney
with Jayd Lovely
71 Photos
 • 9.95
Nude Stocking Stuffing
with Jayd Lovely
12 Minutes
 • 9.86
Playing Around
with Jayd & Marlena
95 Photos
 • 9.80
Lucky Sucker
with Jayd Lovely
15 Minutes
 • 9.88
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