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Alexis Ann
Amazing Breasts - Click Here to Order
A picture is worth a thousand words and this sample picture of Alexis is no exception. What you are looking at here are the largest breasts we have ever photographed. Largest! Not only are they big but they are 100% natural -- no augmentation, just pure God's gift to breast lovers everywhere.
How did we find this beautiful woman? It was purely by luck. Ashley, one of our Foxes models who we haven't photographed for awhile, called up and asked if we liked black women with awesome breasts. Are you kidding? Of course we do. We set up a shoot with her friend Alexis site-unseen hoping for the best.
Once we saw Alexis in person we could tell she had ample-sized breasts, but still they were covered with her clothes. Part way through the first set Alexis pulled up her shirt, and we simply could not believe our eyes. These were the largest we had ever seen in real life. OK, enough of this writing because we are already breathing heavy enough. We know you will really enjoy Alexis as she goes full nude in this her first Foxes photoshoot.
What you get: This photo set contains 54 photos. Photos come in two sizes: normal-large and small. Click here to view a normal-large size sample. The normal price for this photo set is $4.95. With our on-line credit card processing there is no waiting! Order "Amazing Breasts" now and you will see the photos within seconds!
Terms of membership: Viewing access is for personal and non-commercial use only. You may not resell any of these photos. What you pay is a one time fee. There are no monthly or recurring charges. You may view these photos from our web site as often as you wish. Come back next week, next month, next year for as long as our web site exists to view the photos. You may also download a zip file of this photo set to your computer.
Click here to order!
All Sets with Model
Blue Jeans
with Alexis Ann
64 Photos
 • 9.85
Luscious Lovelies
with Alexis Ann
63 Photos
 • 9.50
Puppy Heaven
with Alexis Ann
65 Photos
 • 9.31
Snake Skin
with Alexis Ann
54 Photos
 • 9.85
Lust Puppies
with Alexis Ann
68 Photos
 • 9.57
Tight Shirt
with Alexis Ann
65 Photos
 • 9.62
More than a Handful
with Alexis Ann
74 Photos
 • 9.75
Black Jeans
with Alexis Ann
57 Photos
 • 9.79
Blue Velvet
with Alexis Ann
65 Photos
 • 10.00
Serious Puppies
with Alexis Ann
60 Photos
 • 9.68
Leopard Lady
with Alexis Ann
59 Photos
 • 9.62
Black Boots
with Alexis Ann
69 Photos
 • 9.47
Skin Tight Dress
with Alexis Ann
67 Photos
 • 9.93
Amazing Breasts
with Alexis Ann
54 Photos
 • 9.17
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